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 I just dont know...

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I just dont know... Empty
PostSubject: I just dont know...   I just dont know... EmptySat Mar 07, 2009 11:52 am

So far religion has failed me. The only thing that hasnt is my friends. I dont have a job and my apps havent been looked at i bet. I can barely do the thing i live to do and that is for me to know and you not. Its times like this i wish i had psychic abilities. TO bend reality to my will. Then i could just beat the bloody piss out of someone. Then revert the damage and erase the moment from his mind, so it never happened. Just stop certain things from happening. and making a better world... for all of us. i wish wishes came true at times... Then i wouldnt have to type this...

The worst thing to have in life is regret - Corey Taylor
I just dont know... Zelda-26
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I just dont know...
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